Hi, Kaens here. About a month ago I’ve given in to someone’s pestering on this other IRC channel and gave Bakemonogatari a shot, intrigued by all the fuss about the anime.

An hour later I wanted to pull the hell back, what with all the puns so easy to understand, all the references to what I’ve of course read a lot indeed, and overall the sheer amount of other translator-friendly crap you guys will never give a damn about but which makes my efforts so fleeting I want to cower in a corner with a stapler in my hand held out in a threatening manner. Further work on it revealed no elation, but I came to terms with the style and sort of had my initial interest doubled, heh.

But no matter, despite my originally light intentions and the mostly experimental nature of the project, by now I realise fully well that it won’t let go of me until I bring up at least this first novel Bakemonogatari 1/2 for your pleasure. With that said, you guys probably know the way the media I chose to work with, Google Docs, works, so you’ll be able to track my progress, failures, temporary solutions &c. whenever you like.

This will be where your attention would belong.

As I am not a native speaker, after all, nor have I read the book further than I have translated it, so kind people gathered up to help me get through, proofreading, giving advice, and for that I’m grateful as much as you should be ^^ Enjoy the product of this collaboration — and we know a product multiplies, not just adds up.

P.S. Credits also go to velocity7 of TLWiki who got in with the exact same project a bit later than me, has different everything and has already done so much for the scene.

P.P.S. The group title, Kaien, might mean “demonic intent”, or “wicked thought”, or just “Kae x eiennohito”, whichever you prefer.