Hello guys!
As you can see on our staff page, most of II-Subs staff are taking part in this project too. Nisioisin’s compositions are deep and fathomless, and we aren’t about to let them pass by.
Coming to business, I would like to announce that all people who are interested in this project are welcome.
We need:

  1. translators
  2. proofreaders
  3. quality checkers

Everyone who wants to participate should come to #bmgtl channel on rizon network.

Also,  if anyone from baka-tsuki TL project is interested, how about making this a joint-project? First option is to merge our forces and translate Bakemonogatari 1-2 together. Second option is that we are finishing it, and you are doing Kizumonogatari, for example. There is no need to compete and waste TL resources: we all know how valuable they are.